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Regular Meeting (2.5 hours)  £    12.00 Childrens Party  £40.00
Non-Regular Meeting (per hour)  £    12.00 Friendship Club Party  £45.00
Daytime Event  £    50.00 Wedding (plus laundry)  £200.00
Evening Event / Private Function  £    70.00 Laundry (per cloth)  £2.50

Other events by arrangement.


For weddings, evening events and private functions, the deposit is £50.00.  This deposit is non-refundable if the hall is left in an unsatisfactory condition and additional cleaning is required.

Standard Conditions of Hire

  1. The Hirer, not being a person under 18 years of age, shall during the period of hiring be responsible for the premises including proper supervision of the car parking arrangements, so as to avoid excessive noise when entering or leaving the premises; to ensure there is no obstruction of the highway and the exits are not blocked.
  2. The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition and items belonging to the Hall, used during the hire period, are replaced in their usual position; otherwise the Committee shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.
  3. The Hirer shall not permit the premises to be used for purposes other than those stated when booking.
  4. The Hirer agrees to pay full compensation to the Committee for any damage or loss to the building or its contents, by or during the use of the premises by The Hirer.
  5. Hirer may be required to pay a deposit of at least one third of the total cost of the booking. The Committee reserves the right to impose an extra fee of £50.00 at the time of the booking, which will be returnable after inspection to ascertain satisfactory condition of the premises.
  6. The Hirer shall not discriminate in any activities on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs, or marital status.
  7. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any booking without explanation and to cancel any booking on reasonable grounds. The Committee will not be liable for any loss that may be sustained by the Hirer as a result of such a cancellation.
  8. The Committee cannot accept liability for any loss of, or damage to, any article brought to the premises, however caused.
  9. The Committee reserves, at all times, the right of entry to the premises or any of its facilities.
  10. The Committee has a Public Liability Insurance but it is the Hirer’s responsibility to organise insurance cover, specific to the group’s/user’s activity concerned.
  11. No intoxicating liquor may be sold on the premises unless the Hirer has obtained a Temporary Events Notice for the function, with the consent of the Committee. Where a T.E.N. has been obtained, it must be that entrance is for ticket holders, club members or personally invited guests ONLY.
  12. The number of persons allowed on the premises shall not exceed 150 Dancing – no tables, 110 seated at tables.
  13. Music at any function must end at the time stated on the Hire Agreement Form.
  14. Any catering by the Hirer on the premises must comply with all the current legislation.
  15. All vehicles and property are left on the Car Park at the owner’s risk and the Committee will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused.

The charges for regular meetings and childrens parties do not include use of the Bar Room.
If Hall crockery, etc is used, please ensure it is washed, dried and put away.
Please stack chairs in 10’s and return to the storeroom at the back of the stage (a special trolley is provided).
Tables need to be folded and placed on trolley provided.

The floor of the village hall has become very thin and we would kindly ask that sharp heels are not worn, we thank you in advance for your co-operation.