Flicks on the Hill Community Cinema

Flick’s on the Hill Community Film Club shows up to 6 films per year in Tilton on the Hill Village Hall.

Films are shown from September through to May with a break during the summer months.

Each film is chosen by the audience members of the previous film night and there are normally 5 current films to choose from.

The five films that are up for voting have their film trailers available to view via our Twitter and FaceBook pages on the Monday night before the Thursday film night so that you can make a decision before you arrive at the film night.

If you would like to nominate a film for one of our film nights then please feel free to contact me at the addresses below.

Each film night is co-sponsered by a local village group, who can use the film night to raise funds or promote their activities to audience members.

If you are interested in having your own film night please contact Simon Brown by email  flicksonthehill@icloud.com or Twitter @flicksonthehill