Methodist ChapelHalstead Methodist Church.

 Generally known in the village as “The Chapel”, easily to distinguish it from the St. Peters Parish Church,  Halstead Methodist Church is located on Oakham Road, in the dip between Tilton-on-the-Hill and Halstead.

The Methodist Church, founded in 1811, serves the Methodist congregations of Tilton and of Halstead, and such others that may care to attend – all are welcome – chairs are comfortable, and the Church is well – heated.

The normal pattern of Services on Sundays is :-

First Sunday          :  Morning Service at 10.30 am.

Second Sunday    :  Morning Service at 10.30 am. At this Service we are joined by the Parish Church congregation.

Third Sunday         :  We join the congregation at St. Peters at 11.00 am.

Fourth Sunday      :  Morning Service at 10.30 am.

Fifth Sunday          :  Morning Service at 10.30 am.

(when there is one).

It is the intention that Holy Communion will be celebrated once a month as part of one of our Morning Services

On the second and fourth Sundays each month, the Creative Church (ecumenical, and for younger members of the congregation) meets at the Methodist Church at 4.00 pm.

We work closely with St. Peters to avoid clashes between our programmes, and on other matters of mutual interest.

Details of our Services are published each month in “Tilton and District News and Views.”

Contacts – Richard or Trish Smith on (0116) 259 7442.